Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sarah Fisch, Art Career 101

Sarah Fisch Speaks On Poor Media Coverage Of South Texas Art 
Posted by: Kristina Canales on March 26, 2012
Sarah Fisch A woman who’s experienced bright cities like New York and Los Angeles loves it in South Texas. It’s the sense of community, the art, the writing, the music. Why is it that the rest of the world doesn’t see our area the way only a select few do? “The only time they talk about us is for hurricanes or shooting Selena,” said Sarah Fisch, San Antonio-based journalist for Fisch is traveling across areas of South and West Texas for her “Chupacabrona Tour” and treated Art and journalism students here at AMK to a lecture on Friday. She grew up in San Antonio but like many students, she aspired to move out of the state to bigger and brighter cities like New York City. She was astounded by how much she missed that good ole Texas culture and eventually made her way back years later. “I feel like as artists we have a certain obligation to represent where we came from,” said Fisch. “South Texas is a force. There’s just not enough media coverage of the area.” According to Fisch, she is irked by the things people associate with this area, “poverty porn” as she called it—the decline, the broken down buildings, etc.—so she raised about $6,000 and took off in her car to begin talking to people and experiencing what it is that makes South Texas bright and cultural. Her advice to aspiring artists and journalists? Just go with it. Find something that really grabs you and just run with it. “Any idea you have,” explained Fisch, “social media it. Collaborate. Take advantage of being in school because you are each other’s resources. Do stuff you never thought you could do.” The economy is still rough and more and more artists are fleeting New York, but they’re bringing back what they got. Fisch is encouraging people to go to those big cities and learn—you can get information anywhere. She also added to not be afraid to have influences. It’s easy to be inspired by someone else’s work because in the end, it will be your voice put into something you do. The only way to become good at something is to do it over and over. “Ok, the truth is,” said Fisch, “it’s really hard to make a living so you better love it.” Art Career 101