Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monumental Ideas In Miniature Books II

Currently On View at the Ben Bailey Art Gallery •  Nov 10 - December 2, 2011

International traveling exhibition of object-books
106 visual artists express their monumental ideas in miniature books.
42 venues, 15 U.S. states, 8 countries will appreciate this collection of artist’s books starting this summer 2011 through December 2013.

106 unique and subtly created object books will be featured in the second version of Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books, MIMB II Traveling Exhibition, 2011-2013. This Exhibition is coordinated by Hui-Chu Ying, professor of Art at Myers School of Art, The University of Akron, and its main exhibition space, the Emily Davis Gallery.

Diversity is what this exhibition is all about. Materials ranged from handmade and rice paper, plastic to tea bags, wood blocks, and mailing envelops, and the techniques from letterpress, silkscreen, digital prints to collage, die-cut, and painting. The artists also represent 7 different countries and cultures: United States, Canada, China, Japan, India, Pakistan, and Spain.

“I think the miniature book idea is really a great artform to serve as the basis for this economical traveling exhibition. Any artist can take on the challenge of scaling down thoughts, text, images, and materials to create a readable, workable small scale artist book that is a pleasure to handle, to read and to exhibit”, comments Hui-Chu Ying, associate professor of Printmaking at Myers School of Art, who came up with the idea of this traveling exhibition two years ago when she created the first version of MIMB.

Cristina Rom, Library Director from Cleveland Institute of Art and one of MIMB II jurors, expresses that “ the artists’ books genre started as an American and Western European art movement but is now international in scope, as artists from around the world are engaging with the book” and its multiple possibilities for artists and readers.
MIMB II has arranged 3 North American circuits and 1 international route, with the purpose of promoting the work of local artists to a wide range of audiences, venues, and cultures. New York, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, Colorado, among others states, will host this exhibition, starting simultaneously in July 2011 at Emily Davis Gallery, OH and Savannah College of Art and Design, GA. The international route begins this fall at the National Taiwan University of Art, followed by the Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.
Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books II is a collaborative and educational project that is possible thanks to the contributions of committed artists and the support of important institutions in the U.S. and internationally.

About the coordinators: Hui-Chu Ying & the Emily Davis Gallery
Hui-Chu Ying, Associate Professor, Myers School of Art, The University of Akron. She holds a MFA and MA from West Texas A & M State University. She also got a BA from San Jose State University, CA and a BS from Shih Chien College in Taiwan. Hui-Chu Ying’s work is a reflection of her concern with humanity’s suffering resulting from wars, disasters, disease and loss. She exploits all the possibilities of various media by combining painting, drawing, etching, screen-printing and collage, as well as others, in her work. She creates large-scale installations using drawings and prints on paper producing a space for meditation or communication.

The nationally known Emily Davis Gallery has a long history of presenting engaging exhibitions of emerging and established contemporary artists. It is the main visual, fine arts exhibition space of The University of Akron. The gallery is located in the center of Folk Hall which houses the Myers School of Art. The gallery is equipped to the level of museum quality lighting, HVAC, and security systems. Comprised of two, separate exhibition levels, the Emily Davis Gallery programs about 12 exhibitions every year. The exhibitions are curated by the director of the galleries, a faculty exhibitions committee, guest curators, and usually includes one all-faculty and one juried student exhibition per year.

For more information regarding artists and traveling calendar, please contact:
Hui-Chu Ying,

Participating Artists

May Hariri Aboutaam
Fernanda Alvarez
Fawn Atencio
Bethania Barbosa
Makiko Berry
Cathie Bleck
Jesse Alan Brown
Heather Bryant
Addeane S. Caelleigh
Breanna Charles
Crystal Chen
Debbie Christensen
Susie Cobbledick
Neverne Covington
Jen Crann
Isabel Cuadrado
Tessa Dallarosa
Maritza Davila
Jesus De la Rosa
Margaret Denk-Leigh
Stefanie Dykes
Leslie Edwards Humez
Juan Eizaguirre Diez
Stacy Elko
Jody Ferenczy
Sandra Fernandez
Sandra C. Fernandez
Dora Ferrero-Melgar
Ramon Freire Santa Cruz
Julie Friedman
Betsey Garand
Leah Gay
Chialla Geib
Marcie Gill-Kinast
Alicia Giuliani
Jonathon Goebel
Carlos G. Gomez
Teresa Gomez-Martorell
Mathew Grady
Natalie Grieshammer
Nicole Hand
Terea Harrison
Jesus Herrero Jimenez
Rachael Hetzel
Morgan Hiscocks
Robert Howsare
Rabeya Jalil
David B. Johnson
Sarojini Jha Johnson
Sue Johnson
Darlene Kalynka
Jill Kambs
Ina Kaur
Margaret Yuko Kimura
Landa King
Eva Kwong
Daniel Lubniewski
Ashton Ludden
Ling Luo
Kirk Mangus
Emily Martin
Rachel Mauser
Daniel Maw
Joshua McGarvey
Clay McGlamory
S.V. Medaris
Sara Marie Miller
Carol Lynn Mitchell
Ricardo Mojardin
Cara Mullinary
Sandra Murchison
Megan Myers
Stephen Nolan
Rachel Nore
Gisela Oberbeck
Erich Paproth
Wendy Partridge
Robert Patierno
Adam Payne
Alicia Pelaez
Juan Carlos Ramos
Antonio Carvajal
Stefanie Ramsey
Troy Richards
Tara Sabharwal
Rodolfo Salgado Jr.
Kavita Shah
rachel shelton
Kathryn Shinko
Kevin Shook
Vishwa Shroff
Katsushi Goto
Shawn Kathleen Simmons
Jillian Sokso
Andrew Somoskey
Mark Soppeland
Jeff “JD” Dumire
Penny Rakoff
Kevin Steele
Catherine M. Stewart
Denise E. Stewart
Cassondra Stukofski
Peter Thomas
Donna Thomas
Jeannette Thompson
Joseph Tilstra
William Tourtillotte
Donna Webb
Carly Whiteleather
Melanie Yazzie
Frank Yunker
Ulrich Zwick
Participating Artists

Curator Statement

The main mission of MIMB is to encourage artists to create their own books to share with everyone. The exhibition is open to all artists who want to bring their monumental ideas and put them in miniature books… Many books have surprising and interest content confirming the old adage that one ought “not to judge a book by its cover”. A few books exude a beautiful sensibility throughout their pages. Some carry strong messages conveying issues dear to the artists. There are so many extraordinary ideas to be found in this collection. The varieties of materials the artists used are incredible. Few books are made from recycled materials and some in which the artists have reinvented their old works. What a perfect time to create artwork that is eco-friendly.

Hui-Chu Ying
Professor of Art
Myers School of Art, The University of Akron