Thursday, September 8, 2011

TAMUK Fall 2011 ART Faculty Exhibition

The Ben Bailey Art Exhibit that took place at six p.m. this Wednesday was met with great enthusiasm. The gallery was packed with people, and the professors showcasing their work were more than willing to talk about their art.
“The reception is going much better than I expected. We’re hoping that we can continue to do this for every fall semester, as an introduction to the faculty. It’s important the students know who their professors will be,” said Jesus de la Rosa, director of the exhibit.
It wasn’t only art majors that attended the reception. Others, like student Milton Vital, walked in to have a look, and they were pleased with what they saw.
“I may not be a very artistic person, but I like it a lot.  The art triggers a response in my head,” said Vital.

One of the major reasons behind the exhibit was to celebrate the forty years that Dr. Robert Scherpereel had dedicated to teaching at TAMUK. The other was to commemorate the fusing of the Art, Communications, and Theater departments, or the ACT department.
“This is our opening show for the merging of the Art, Communications, and the Theater department. The more the merrier,” said Charles Wissinger, one of the art professors.
Wissinger explained that one of things he hopes to see in the future is more exposure to art. For the last few years, the art department has aimed at achieving a top notch art gallery.
“In Kingsville, there is no other place to view art. We’re not only teachers, we’re artists, and we’re also role models. We create the culture here. We want to involve the community with art; culture is extremely important, and it enriches our lives,” said Wissinger.

By: Frank Garza 
Photo By: Philip Perez
The South Texan