Monday, September 14, 2009

Ramon Barela Artist Reception & Lecture

Lecture: 2PM
Artist Reception 6-8PM

September 24, 2009
Ben Bailey Art Gallery

Ramon F. Barelas work involves installations and multimedia projections which are a reflection of his continuing investigation into the new scientific paradigms and the implications of collective transformations of consciousness in world culture with an emphasis on Mayan Cosmo vision. He feels that the stages and cycles of time are increasing toward a worldview of evolutionary consciousness. This information informs his aesthetic creating certain components in which the visual contrast with the information of the viewer. His hope that this juxtapositions will resonate with the developing psyche of the viewer.

Barela was born November 29, 1949 in Dexter, New Mexico. He moved to Texas in 1966 and graduated from Odessa High School, Odessa, Texas in 1968. He attended Odessa College and completed his BFA in fine arts at Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas 1973 while studying under Steve Reynolds.

He has recently completed his MFA at UTPA, Edinburg, Texas. He has been an educator for Texas Public Schools for fourteen years and presently teaches at Harlingen High School, Harlingen, Texas.