Friday, April 24, 2009

Art Students Compete and Place in Poster Contest

Sell Your Fear

The Monitor

Do you feel manipulated by the media? Do you have nagging fears about the economy, or that cooking food in a microwave will kill you? The current exhibition at South Texas College Library Art Gallery brings all those fears out into the open. Designers were instructed to "sell their fear" for this juried, graphic arts, poster competition. The exhibition is a strong graphic and emotional experience for the viewer.

"This exhibit was created in order to celebrate the new Associate of Art Degree with a concentration in Graphics Design that will start in the fall of 2009, said David Freeman, Curator and Program Coordinator. "This was also an opportunity to let graphic designers express their own identity."

The exhibit demonstrates how advertisers, politicians, and other self interest groups, use fear to sell products and manipulate the public consciousness. If you are not aware of the way fear is organized in this country, then this exhibit will show you.

Surprisingly, there is little duplication. It seems that there are enough fears to go around. The posters remind us about cancer, job loss, New World Order, and even indifference. One poster illustrates the multiplicity of many daily fears confronting the hapless citizen, such as death, economy, and religion. The fear of not being beautiful is a reminder that an entire industry stays alive by persuading women that they are never beautiful enough, but buy that new cosmetic and you might be....

There's a new fear of plastic containers. Don't drink from recycles 3, 6, or 7, warns Candice Wardyn's Killer Plastics poster, they can kill you. Phyllis Evans questions the value of freedom in Someone Very Bad Wants to Hurt You. One designer includes all ethnic groups in his poster; their slang names suggest an alien strangeness, and seem threatening. The fear of being overweight is very profitable, too.

Frank Tierney fears indifference and what it could lead to with his poster, ...What if these were human remains?"

The posters are all digital prints, 24" x 36." Several lack the strong impact of the message in favor of stronger artistic considerations. For the viewer, this adds to the success of the exhibit. The show is not the quick view that one might expect from poster art.

"Sell Your Fear" Poster Exhibition
Where: South Texas College Library Art Gallery, Pecan Street campus
When: through April 30, open daily
Info: 956-872-3488

Winners of the poster competition were divided into two categories, professionals and students. They included:


1st Place: Phyllis Evans, South Texas College

3rd Place: Frank Tierney, Texas Tech University


1st Place: Caroline Navejar, Angelo State University

2nd Place: Thermon Biggers, Texas A & M Kingsville (student)

3rd Place: Boone Wyatt, Angelo State University

Honorable Mentions:

Robert Gilbert, The University of Texas-Pan American

Gabriel Delgado, Museo Alameda, San Antonio, TX

Mindy Monsibais, Texas A&M Kingsville (Student)