Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lenard Brown • Earth Amma, Drawings & Prints

Artist Statement

The content of my artwork generally revolves around functional man-made objects that some times conduct redundant activities. These activities are task humans need to have performed on a regular basis that may be mundane. I attempt to define my artwork through these images by using interactive objects in our public domain.

The use of mechanical objects, African masks, Adinkra symbols and other icons are about the polarity of being an African American in Western society. African art strives to be a functional component in the spiritual well being of people’s lives. Nevertheless, the Western ritual of interacting with parking meters, road signs, and other everyday objects is almost as religious.

I cannot partition myself from the urban icons that surround me. As a result, I see parking meters as Bafo and Fang masks and road signs as Kikuyu dance shields. Ideas of African Diaspora and these types of objects stimulate my creative process. Generally, a Western analytical approach gives my work its visual form. Conversely, it is the African intuitive process that physically gives the work life. As a result, much of my work relates Western thinking to African philosophy and Christianity to African Mythology.

On View at  The Ben Bailey Art Galley
Jan-17th though Feb 28, 2009

Artist Reception: February 19th • 5-7pm

Gallery Hours: M-F • 8-5pm
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